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You Don't Have to Brush All Your Teeth...

Just the Ones You Want to Keep!

Welcome to Dental Care for Kids!

We understand the importance of children’s oral health, and we are proud to be your child’s dental home. At Dental Care for Kids, our goal is to provide a solid foundation for your child’s oral health. We want to arm you with the tools you need to provide optimal dental health for your child so that they can have a smile to last a lifetime.

To make your visit pleasant and stress-free, we have created a fun and friendly environment. Our dental team has been trained to work with children. We understand the unique needs of children in the dental office and work hard to provide a positive experience for both you and your child.

Thank You,
Martha “Jodi” Braid, DMD
Pediatric Dentist

Who Are We?

We are a pediatric dental office that provides quality dental care to many children in the community and surrounding areas. We currently have 2 dentists and 10 team members with the practice. Dr. Braid is our pediatric dentist and Dr. Wyatt is our general dentist. Even though we do have a general dentist with the practice we only see children.


Our Team

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Dr. Martha 'Jodi' Braid

Pediatric Dentist


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Dr. Amy Wyatt

General Dentist


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